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Hanging basket is the main equipment in cantilever construction. According to the structure, it can be divided into truss type (including flat-string unbalanced weight type, rhombus, triangle, bowstring type, etc.), diagonal type (including triangular diagonal type and prestressed diagonal type) Type), steel type and mixed type 4 types. According to the requirements of concrete cantilever construction technology and design drawings for the hanging basket, comprehensively compare the characteristics, weight, steel type and construction technology of various forms to determine the structure of the hanging basket; the hanging basket construction does not occupy the road at all, and there is no need to interrupt the main The auxiliary road traffic relies on the movement of the "hanging basket" to make the concrete box girder poured on site be produced in the "hanging basket". The construction personnel pour 2-4 meters long each time. After the bridge body is hardened and reaches sufficient strength, the hydraulic device will Push the hanging basket forward, and then pour a new section of beam. The design principles of the hanging basket: light weight, simple structure, strong and stable, easy to move forward and easy to assemble and disassemble, strong reusability, small deformation after stress, etc., and sufficient space under the hanging basket can provide larger construction operations The surface is conducive to the construction operation of steel formwork.
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